Hydrating the Kids of South Africa’s Khulani Children’s Shelter

684161_198ea8ef57a64e368089d849d4084d4c-mv2_d_6000_4000_s_4_2As the summer heat increases, it’s important to stay hydrated. With all the playing to be done outdoors and adventures to be had, balanced nourishment is imperative. We supplied South Africa’s Khulani Children’s Shelter with Cocos Pure coconut water so kids can focus on what they need to, education and having fun. Established as a safe place for orphans, abused, and abandoned children, Khulani Shelter operates as a 24-hour crisis centre and life skills training facility for disadvantaged youth. We are proud to support organizations in our community like Khulani Children’s Shelter. Read more about their story here or connect with them on Facebook.

Sharing Cocos Pure with the Kgosi Neighbourhood Foundation

This morning Kgosi Neighbourhood Foundation, an organization that provides pre-school education to vulnerable children in the Jeppestown and Belgravia neighbourhoods in South Africa, had their first taste of Cocos Pure.

We have a commitment to the communities we work with and are proud to share Cocos Pure with organizations such as Kgosi Neighbourhood Foundation. Follow their story here or connect with Kgosi Neighbourhood Foundation on Facebook or Twitter.

Here is a part of the Kgosi website letting you know how you can help.

How Can You Help the Kgosi Neighborhood Foundation

The Kgosi Neighbourhood Foundation does not charge families anything for the services it provides.  As such the foundation is entirely dependent on support from corporations, foundations, and individuals. There are three ways you, or your organization,  can support the work of the Kgosi Neighbourhood Foundation:  financial support, gifts in kind, and volunteer services.

Financial Support

Donations are always welcome.  Please visit our current needs page for our bank details. The following list gives a sense of what things will cost in 2012:

  • R20 000 ($2 500) a year to care for one family. This includes preschool education, two hot meals and a snack for the child, visits to the doctor, and assessment and skills development for the child’s caregiver.

  • R60/day to feed the children and staff of the Wings of Hope School.

Gifts in Kind

We can cut our operational costs signficantly through gifts in kind.  Donations of food and stationery for the school and office make a tremendous positive impact on our monthly budget.  Other needed gifts include:  white interior/exterior paint, cleaning supplies, computers, educational toys, and preschool books.


If you, or your organization, has the time, we would appreciate your volunteer services. In particular, we are seeking volunteers who can assist parents to improve their conversational English, and tutors who can assist our Wings of Hope School graduates with their homework.

Cocos Pure at Excel London’s Food Matters Live Conference

Cocos Pure will be at Excel London’s Food Matters Live Conference from November 18-20. This will be a three-day event dedicated to tackling one of the most important challenges of our time — the relationship between food, health and nutrition. Over 300 speakers from the food and drink industry, retailers, government and those working in nutrition and health will come together to explore a range of compelling issues in the world of food, health and nutrition. We’re looking forward to taking part in this conference and encourage you to pass by and hydrate with us if you’re there. Connect with us on Twitter and let us know!

Cocos Pure at South Africa’s IFEA Event

Press Release

Cocos Pure Keeps IFEA hydrated with Premium Coconut Water
Cocos Pure will be the only premium coconut water available at the IFEA event

Johannesburg, GP, October 23, 2014 – Globally distributed coconut water brand, Cocos Pure, will be at IFEA, Africa’s premier international food and drink event, from 5-7 November, 2014. Cocos Pure is a single-origin coconut water made from young Thai coconuts and will be the only premium coconut water brand present at the event.

IFEA will feature three flavours of Cocos Pure coconut water: Pure Original, Pineapple, and Mango. Cocos Pure is one hundred percent pure coconut water that is gluten, cholesterol, and sugar free and is high in electrolytes and potassium.

About Cocos Pure

Cocos Pure is a 100% pure coconut water brand with a conscience, created to have a laudable taste and to empower individuals in pursuit of their passions. As a socially conscious company, Cocos Pure is committed to the community. Our coconuts are sourced from a single geographic region, made from a rare variety of coconut unique to Thailand and known for its superior taste. To learn more about Cocos Pure, please visit www.cocospure.com

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