Giving Back: Save on Meats and CocosPure

Cocos Pure is pleased to announce a new partnership with Save On Meats. Our beverage will now be served along side the hot breakfast sandwich and provide people with essential nutrients and refreshing hydration.

We’ve been inspired by the outreach initiatives of Mark Brand and A Better Life Foundation and are proud to be able to work alongside these compassionate and proactive teams.

Mark Brand, owner of Save on Meats and board member of A Better Life Foundation, is equally thrilled to be offering this collaboration, “Nutrition and hydration are paramount to everyone, but even more so for people struggling with the basic necessities day to day. Adding a coconut water to every single token redemption is a huge commitment and one that will impact thousands positively. I’m very proud of this partnership and look forward to working with this team for many years to come.”

The token program was started in 2013 as a way for Save On Meats to give back to its community. Tokens can be purchased by anyone and can be redeemed for a Save On Meats hot breakfast sandwich. The tokens are distributed to people in need either directly by patrons or through one of Save On Meats’ community partners.

One of Cocos Pure biggest passions is community and we are excited to be a part of making a positive change in our own. Head over to Save On Meats to purchase your tokens today: $2.25 for one or $10 for five.