Replace Your Sports Drink with CocosPure Coconut Water

Replace Your Sports Drink with CocosPure Coconut Water

CocosPure Coconut WaterCoconut water has become popular in the past 10 years as a nutritious energy drink. While it should not totally replace water for hydration, it is definitely superior to energy drinks that are full of sugar or caffeine, even chemical additives. Such energy drinks might provide quick energy but then they let you down quickly. What is the cost to your health to use them? It’s best to replace your sports drink.

CocosPure Coconut Water

On the other hand, coconut water, the juice from young coconuts, is high in potassium. One 12 oz. can of coconut water contains 690 mg of potassium, more potassium than a banana and certainly more than popular sports drinks which contain 140 mg. Our western diet is low in potassium and it is important to athletes as it prevents muscle cramps.

While most commercial coconut water products are pure coconut water, it’s important to read the labels as some contain sugar, fruit juices or other additives. One of the best coconut water products on the market is by The Cocos Pure Beverage Corp and is available in health food stores and by special order. Why not try some today? You can easily order it by clicking the button below.