Why Choose Cocos Pure? The Battle of the Brands

Coconut water has exploded in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Often referred to as ‘nature’s sports drink’, coconut water is a wonderful source of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. The natural electrolytes in Cocos Pure help to replenish and hydrate athletes and non-athletes alike.

With rapidly growing acclaim for the highly regarded drink, vast varieties of coconut water are popping up on store shelves and saturating the market, leading to numerous questions about the nutritional components of the product inside.

We’re highlighting five practices that ensure the consistent and fresh taste and high quality that you expect from Cocos Pure:

1. Our water comes from young single-origin coconuts

Cocos Pure is made only from ethically sourced, young green coconuts, which are intact with all of its nutrient rich water. As coconuts begin to mature, the nutrients in the water begin to seep into the flesh of the coconut, turning it into a watered down version of the once nutrient abundant product. Since we harvest our coconuts before this begins to happen, when you drink a can of Cocos Pure, you are essentially drinking straight out of the belly of a young coconut and get all the benefits of its nutrients.

2. We use only fresh coconut juice, never from concentrate

Cocos Pure is a 100% pure and natural beverage made from single origin coconuts. We bottle our coconut water right in Thailand where the coconuts are grown, providing a fresh, consistent product with a natural taste. Cocos Pure is never from concentrate.

3. No added sweeteners

Cocos Pure Original contains only one ingredient: 100% pure coconut water. Because our product is made from a rare variety of Thailand coconuts, the fresh fruit juice is naturally sweet and requires no additives. Cocos Pure contains no added sugar and is gluten and cholesterol free.

4. Removal of harmful, illness-causing bacteria

We pasteurize our coconut water in a way that preserves the physical traits found in fresh coconuts while adhering to the requirements of the Food and Drug Association (FDA) and keeping disease-causing pathogens at bay. We also pasteurize because it reduces the bacteria and spoilage organisms that cause the product to sour while being able to maintain all of the integrity of the product outside of harmful bacteria.

In a lab study to evaluate the effects of pasteurization conducted by the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, it was found that processed coconut water retained similar qualities to fresh coconuts including acidity, pH and soluble solids. This mean Cocos Pure retains all of its flavour, colour and texture, along with minerals, enzymes, Vitamin C, and dietary fiber.

Studies have shown that with pasteurization, there is a clear reduction of salmonella, mold, E. Coli O157:H7, and other harmful bacteria that can grow from the juice and cause life-threatening illness. Due to previous outbreaks, E. Coli has the ability to sustain at low pH levels and refrigerated temperatures.

Coconut water is extremely temperamental and ephemeral. Once the coconut is cut open and exposed to oxygen, yeast and bacteria grow and nutrients dissipate, leaving a limited time frame for you to drink the liquid and still get the benefits. Pasteurization removes all of the harmful bacteria that begin to grow as soon as the coconut water is exposed to air, leaving behind a product with nutrients that replenish the body, boost energy levels, speed up metabolism and contains less sugar and sodium than more sport energy drinks.

5. No chemical preservatives or chemical additives

Since Cocos Pure is produced with fresh coconuts, it contains no life-harming preservatives, only 100% pure coconut water. We never use chemicals like formaldehyde or sodium meta-bisulphite, to preserve our coconuts prior to production.


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